A very warm welcome to the HNKI-Blog – the blog that deals with how to raise, care for, and educate children and looks at personal development too. This is a blog that will inspire, delight and enrich. A blog to make family life wonderful and awaken a tremendous zest for raising children.

Guiding a child on its way, so it becomes stronger and discovers itself in order to live a fulfilled and happy life is actually an easy thing to do. You just need to realize how it works …   I maintain that parents have exactly the same things inside them as the educationalists and care givers who were born for the job. The key is available.

Here you will find solutions to the issues of a child’s personal development, upbringing, education and care, as well as lots of exciting stories, the funny things children say, photos and videos. And last but not least, all the issues with which children can give us a really good challenge … Have fun discovering it all!

Yours, Doris Amoon