Exploring the inner creativity

The HNKI teachers have devoted themselves to this field of discovery since 1993.

There is no right or wrong way to be creative. Creativity is something huge! Creativity is a creative force that has no patterns in its source and can’t be copied, but an individually available energy in and through which something new, unprecedented emerges – unique!

An inherent potential in the human being, which has an inspiring, uplifting, adventurous and inventive power in it and permeates ever- ything that one is, or in other words: turns every activity into a unique fireworks display. This energy flows in all areas: in the artistic expression (e.g. dance, music, painting, crafts), as well as in the cognitive domain (e.g. invention, imagination, language, order, ability to associate), social sphere (integrity personal development, value development) and motor skills (e.g. special gifts in the control and expression of the body).

To accompany/bring up/teach children out of this comprehension and attitude is an adventure and the daily routine turns into very joyful days.

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