D O R I S  A M O O N

I started as a pioneer in developing professional childcare for the under 3s on 1st June 1993. Daycare for that age didn’t exist in Cologne before.

Now we look after kids up to school age, we are bilingual (German and English) and work with an international background. Many German and foreign families come and go.

My expertise and enthusiasm regarding care & education is now so great and multi-faceted that I would like to write and report about it in a blog that inspires, enriches and delights. Accompanying children is pure fulfillment for those who were born for the job. We experience that!

The aspect of internationalism has gained enormously over the course of the years and brings an immense variety and fun. We experience incredibly wonderful days providing care and support and have a very pleasant, creative place to work. I often tell my team that enjoyment is obligatory in our workplace. What makes children happier than satisfied teachers? Happy new teachers shape happy new kids. That is how simple it is.

We see children who grow up, blossom and growth in strength and we enjoy congenial parents to whom we maintain a close relationship and intensive communication. I understand HNKI as a happy-making addition to a family: Professional, ambitious and inspired by its passion for childcare.

It is easy for us to create an interesting, colorful and warm-hearted day for the children and we want to share this with all those who are interested in being involved:

HERE WE ARE – A warm welcome to 

You can expect exciting stories, the funny things kids say, pictures and videos and also the issues with which kids can give us a real challenge… Have fun discovering!

Warmest regards Doris Amoon

Expert for education and personal development
Executive coach and mentor