Jo in action

Joachim Haas

We feel like having lunch every day in a restaurant: Chicken curry with basmati rice and carrot salad, pasta Carbonara with tomato- sweet corn salad, potatoe quiche with a rucola sauce and tomato salad, rice with mushrooms in a creamy sauce, betroot salad and homemade croutons, boiled potatoes with spinach, scrambled eggs and tomatoes, Kartoffeln mit Spinat, Rührei und Tomatensalat, meat loaf with a mix of mashed potatoes and carrots with cucumber sticks.

Honestly, we can hardly take all of the pictures. And furthermore …

… suddenly a big surprise is waiting for us in the afternoon. As Jo use to say, that so many apples were left over and he baked a cake just by the way or he prepares a delicious waffle dough for the kids with a home made apple sauce …

Jo, thank you so much! For us you are a very big present.


A culinary delight – the happy strudel filled with hash, carrots, potatoes and savoy. Talke, we celebrate the meal and sing yours praise. As per usual we served it with a fresh salad, yum!