Exploring the inner creativity

The HNKI teachers have devoted themselves to this field of discovery since 1993.

There is no right or wrong way to be creative. Creativity is something huge! Creativity is a creative force that has no patterns in its source and can’t be copied, but an individually available energy in and through which something new, unprecedented emerges – unique!

An inherent potential in the human being, which has an inspiring, uplifting, adventurous and inventive power in it and permeates ever- ything that one is, or in other words: turns every activity into a unique fireworks display. This energy flows in all areas: in the artistic expression (e.g. dance, music, painting, crafts), as well as in the cognitive domain (e.g. invention, imagination, language, order, ability to associate), social sphere (integrity personal development, value development) and motor skills (e.g. special gifts in the control and expression of the body).

To accompany/bring up/teach children out of this comprehension and attitude is an adventure and the daily routine turns into very joyful days.


I must admit that it takes quiet a time to design shirts as we did it here: putting the textile color layer by layer, writing the names, adding glitter and crowns. We love it! In the end we iron the shirt for a couple of minutes to fix the colors for the washing machine. From our point of view it is worth! Have a look how wonderful the shirts look like (done by our kids ages 2 – 3 years old):


We are the ultimate gourmets.

Development requires freedom. And there is pure pleasure in freedom. I regularly notice that we are the ultimate gourmets. Enjoyment is actually something very important: It opens up a place where we can work and live in a wonderful way. Activities we enjoy ourselves as educationalists have an infectious effect on the children.

Enjoyment starts at breakfast and continues when we get the books or paint boxes out. It should simply always be beautiful: Easy and cozy. Then we have the music circle before we go to the playground. Back in school, we enjoy a tasty lunch.

Waking up time after the afternoon nap is always particularly nice: We go into the sleeping room and sit between the children. Slowly one child after the other opens their eyes and is fit for the next round.

If someone moans we like to say: Come on, let’s have a nice day! There’s no moaning where things are nice and where there is lots of moaning, it usually isn’t nice. That is the nature of things. You can hardly believe it, but even the youngest ones understand that.

Children are specialists in enjoyment. In these first few years of life, children are simply there in an uncomplicated way and enjoy every single second.

Openness and relaxation are part of enjoyment. And brain scientists have already confirmed that relaxation provides the maximum level of creativity.

I am love

Little Grit suddenly said to me recently: I am love, Doris.

I asked her: And who am I? She answered: You are love too, Doris.

Then she began to go through all of her friends: Matti is love as well. Tommi too. Harriet and Melissa as well. And mommy and daddy too, etc.

I was astonished. Obviously children pick up on the atmosphere with their finely tuned antennas – without the need for words.