“Children enter the world with a complete set of characteristics. If these young people are understood, appreciated and given clear guidance, they can develop in a beautiful way. They become obviously stronger and will follow their inner values and talents with enthusiasm.”

How much guidance does a child need?

Our society has lost its “natural, internal authority”. The word authority alone comes with many negative connotations. However, a lack of guidance in upbringing leads to a loss of orientation and huge turbulence in personal development and in the social fabric, as well as in family or school life. The reverse side of the coin, namely “taking hard, drastic measures” or creating fear, weakens and curtails the child in its development. So what does this new kind of guidance look like, which is clear, structured and strengthens a child’s personality and lets it unfold?  We will look at this subject in detail and experience a new perspective. P.S. Watch out – the road to success to surprisingly simple.

The difference between attachment and dependence

The subject of letting go becomes an issue for parents when they register their child for daycare or school. I find our school to be a happy-making addition to family life. For the child and for the parents too, starting at our school means gaining an additional living space where the child is allowed to experience and discover itself again in a different way. This makes it a veritable gift or privilege. Does handing over mean that the parent-child relationship is weakened? Certainly not. In fact quite the opposite is true:
Children need freedom to be able to develop. This process of letting go is a wonderful thing and bears fruit: The child gains in strength with great self-confidence, and becomes independent and original. You can literally see the happiness in the child. That’s why I encourage parents: Let your child go with affection and trust. I can guarantee you this precise development process!

Where do our talents lie and how can they emerge?

A seminar on the topic of searching for talent. Do we really need to go through all the different courses with our child to find out what they are good at? What about the assumption that the child “inherits” their talents from their parents anyway? What should you do when your own child seems like a stranger because you cannot see yourself in them at all? I can already tell you: Everything is perfectly fine! The conviction that every child is unique is not just a random mumbling from educationalists, but is a well-founded fact. We track down the truth behind uniqueness step-by-step and find out that we can fully place our trust in this assumption!

What are the phases all about?

There is no end of phases nowadays: The fear of strangers phase, defiant phase, jealousy phase, poor eater phase, mommy or daddy phase, puberty phase and anger phase. We are talking about tiring times that let the quality of life slide down a slippery slope. I say that we don’t have to accept a single phase as a given thing and guarantee that these times can quickly be resolved: How can such chapters be recognized, understood, assessed and finished so that we can get back on track to the good, nice life? Could we even create happy phases, peace phases, creative phases, good nutrition phases, wonderful life phases, super development phases and surpassing oneself phases? Just a dream? Of course not. We will look at this issue and be amazed at how easy things can be.

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